Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Film Acting: A Summary On Film Acting

In this film acting review I would like to touch more on the foundation of acting in film and what is expected out of a actor to succeed in this industry.

Film Acting is the process of pretending, unselfconsciously, in front of a camera. Film acting is oceans apart from acting for the stage. When first start acting it is all about urgency and immediacy in which certain actors express their selfhood and push the limits of expressivity and, most importantly, how actors create a living, breathing character from the words on the page of a script. Film acting is surprisingly difficult, fresh, new and different.

Acting as we know it, did not begin until the 16th century in Italy when actors worked together to perform a type of story. Acting is an art form, and any art form is served by the variety of perspectives, opinions, and cultures of its participants. Film acting develops the whole person: intellectually, emotionally, physically. Acting for film requires a talented performance, but it has the "luxury" of reshooting scenes until they are, in the eye of the director, ideal.

Actors need to practice their craft to improve and to grow as artists once the beginning stages of how to get into acting is learned. Actors do a disservice to themselves as artists when they judge the quality of the material as a litmus test for whether they will employ technique. Actors will work on roles ranging from Day Player to Guest Star to Series Regular. Actors are normally at the core of narrative film, and they bear one of the primary responsibilities of telling the film's story.

Acting on the stage and for the camera are the same, the differences between stage and film acting is proportions. Film acting is kind of a paradoxical experience. The Star reminds us that film acting isn’t exactly the same as Theatre acting, since an elusive charisma puts the performance across. Thinking of cinema as a performance-based art, for example, doesn’t commit you to saying that film acting is the same as theatrical acting. Since film acting is the main resource we have for tracking our famous actors, the ones we have in common to talk about; we have to have a way of viewing that allows us to get a real sense of what’s taking place on the screen. This is the way film acting is supposed to work.

To be continued...

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