Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Jumper Movie - Cinema Review

This film revolves around a genetic anomaly of a young man able to teleport or 'jump' anywhere. But soon he finds himself in a war between "Jumpers" and this is the main focus on the film. This film has been billed as a combination of Bourne and The Matrix leaving this film a lot to live up to.

The film features both Hayden Christiansen as you will remember as Anakin in Star Wars. Like in Star Wars his acting performance is both and he is designed to only appear in films with minimal acting requirements. The main attraction of this film is the impressive action sequences which are promised. In this area the film does deliver to a degree but not to the leave that I and many viewers were expecting.

The fact that he can 'jump' from place to place means that the plot soon becomes very confused and even for the most attentive viewer it is difficult to follow. Following the confused and quite frankly boring middle section of the film you would be expecting a big finish. However, the film ends rather abruptly and i could not actually tell you what the ending of the film was. The makers of this film seemed hell bent on leaving the possibility of a sequel rather than making a coherent film that the audience would enjoy.

Ultimately, this is a decent film and enjoyment. However, it is definitely not as good as many of the trailers and hype were making out. Moreover, the film is short and unless you particularly want to see the film not worth the cinema admission price. Let's hope the sequel is better!

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