Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is Cinema the Reflection of Society?

Overall cinema is not the exact reflection of society. It is exaggerated a lot in cinema. Some examples include the stunt scenes performed by Hero beating the entire villain gang single handedly. This is completely unrealistic. Similarly, the songs and duets are imaginary to the core. If two persons love, then the song sequence will be in some foreign nation but in real, nothing of this sort takes place.

Ultimately Cinema falls into three categories targeting Low income group, Middle income group and High income group. Consider a middle income group in our society. There are a lot of issues that arise in their daily lives. Normally, the man of the family goes to a job, earns and runs the entire family in most cases. There are a lot of issues here but no film shows the real picture of running a family but instead all films target the youth and 90% of the movies are based on love stories.

Cinema is business. A producer spends crores in making a film and expects huge returns from the cinema. So, if cinema reflects society fully, no film will become a box office hit. Take for example all real life stories of Gandhi, Periyar etc. They are a big flop considering box office. Cinema is commercialization and there is a small reflection of society in films where the characters are for real in society. All Characters in cinema are society based and they are generalized.

So, it would be apt to conclude that Society is a reflection of cinema as most of the films are targeted at the youth who visit cinema theatres regularly and portray their film heroes in real life. Cinema is just a generalization of the society with big exaggerations and Cinema is basically a story, some real but exaggerated to meet the expectations of the audience.