Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mind Control At The Movies

You probably have spotted that some movies make you feel good, even incredible while others bring you down. This can be easily explained when we take a look at how mind perceives what we see on the silver-screen. And the fact is that our psyche treats movies way more different than conscious part of mind.

It is much simpler than you think. Before we will even starts to talk about it we have to say bit about our brain. Most of you know that we diversify two parts of our brain first called conscious and second one cold unconscious. Unconscious is the more important one. This is the one that takes care off our briefing when we are asleep or eye blinking. And it is the one that allows us to fully experience what we see on the movies. Because it doesn't diversify true events from false ones.

That's exactly the reason why we are afraid watching scary movies. Some of us learn how to deal with this emotions but let's be honest stopping your self from fully enjoying the movie by constantly monitoring your feelings isn't something I would recommend to film addicts.

Actually there is no way to get fully over those fears. You will always experience at least a bit of them as the are natural reaction to threatening situations. But lets be honest if you could delete them from your brain would you want it? Without them scary movies would be almost the same as action or romance movies...

Summing it up we all have been James Bond, Superman or Spider-man at least once in our lives. That is the reason why we all love movies, because for a short moment they allow us to feel like someone else.

Peter Saks, an amateur real estate seller who exploded his career success using little know mind control techniques. Reveals how he can hypnotize and take control over anyone within casual conversation.