Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Alien vs Predator Movie Review

This is supposedly the final film of the action packed series, although there rumours, that dependent upon box office success, there may be another film in this series. The film starts with a typical setting of an ordinary human village with a population of over 2000 people.

After the scene has been set the violence and mayhem associated with this film series begin. There is plenty of gruesome and quite graphic violence making this film unsuitable for younger children. If you are a fan of the other films in the series then you are likely to enjoy this. The outbursts of the younger children who battle to survive the alien attack are amusing and lighten the mood in a film that is intense throughout. This film is even more unrealistic than the others which actually make it more enjoyable and there are some action sequences that may make you laugh.

The acting is obviously limited but all of the characters may to play their basic roles well. If you are the type of person who has decided to see this film then you are likely to enjoy it. The plot is unsurprisingly uncompromising, primarily focusing on the gore, violence and chaos caused by an inter-galactic fight on Earth. The Aliens and Predators both have impressive skills and the action between these two species is spectacular and the special effects used are awesome. Ultimately, this film is never going to be the type of film that you would watch on a girl's night in and the female viewer is unlikely to enjoy the violence. However, the movie is easy viewing and at no point during the film did i have to think and there were no long lasting questions after I had left the cinema.

Yes this film is not a classic and most of the budget has been spent on action rather than the actors but I did find this film enjoyable and I would recommend the film if you liked the other movies. The film is relatively brief and may not be worth the cinema admission price. This film would score 8/10 when compared to other films of this genre.

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