Thursday, December 27, 2007

Untraceable Movie Review

This film is the most hyped horror/thriller movie of the year. Untraceable focuses on the efforts of a FBI agent to track down a seemingly untraceable serial killer. The chase becomes personal as the serial killer continues to kill his victims quicker and quicker. The film lacks a distinguished cast and this does show in areas albeit the actors make the best of a poor script. The key to a film of this genre is the suspense rather than the action itself. The action is over graphic at times and may alienate most viewers.

The violence is often unnecessary and a less graphic scene would have had the same effect and would not make you want to turn away. The movie is slow to getting going and never really recovers from the long periods of boredom. A film likes this needs a relatively fast pace to build up the suspense and keep the audience interested. The film meanders on at times and in my opinion is over 20mins long. This film aims for to cater for a wide audience which means it has the horrific violence and gore of a Saw and the length and complexity of a crime thriller.

Ultimately, this film had the potential to be an ok film but was never going to be good. The film is relatively short but still too long for me considering how little happened. The main ingredients of a film like this were missing and it clearly showed. I would not recommend seeing this film and some sensitive people will not enjoy the graphicness of some scenes which was pointless like much of this film!

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