Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action - Film Festivals in California

California wouldn't be California if it weren't for places like MGM, Paramount, and other well known and great studios. It's what makes the state of California so popular to the rest of the world; that, and the beaches and beautiful people. But every year there are film festivals all over the state and they showcase directors, producers, writers and film makers from not only all over California but the world. From Independent to old hat theater classics, there is a film festival that will surely fit the bill for your personal taste. Sometimes we little people get lucky enough to catch a glimpse inside Hollywood through one of the most known festivals, the Academy Awards.

Every year, millions of people catch up on who was the favorite actor and actress, the best soundtrack and the best film. This might be the best film festival since it is accessible to virtually everyone and it's free. The Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles is held in Beverly Hills each year and showcases Hungarian films. Hungarian participants include, but are not limited to, directors, actors and producers. They hold special events at film schools and the festival is open to the public. The San Francisco bay Area brings us the International Latino Film Festival.

There is a competition for the best film, and the films include everything from politics to human relationships. There is a small fee to attend, but there is a market to enjoy and it is open to the public.