Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Over Her Dead Body Movie Review

This film revolves around Paul Rudd who suffers misery when his wife Eva Longoria is crushed by an ice sculpture. After this he finds it hard to recover and then finds refugee in the form of a physic whom he falls for. From then on the story focuses on the dead wife's efforts to prevent the physic marrying Paul Rudd. This is film is a romantic comedy and for this reason is probably more likely to able to a female audience rather than a male audience.

However, despite the genre of this film most girls will probably not enjoyed this film. The plot is basic and predictable at best. There is something for the male audience in the form of the hotter than ever Eva Longoria but the fact that she is a ghostly figure for most of the film detracts from this.

There is little humour and the humour that there is, is often distasteful at times and not funny! It is rather that the trailer for a comedy does not make you laugh but this film managed to achieve it. If you wanted to see a film in this genre i would suggest seeing P.S I Love You instead although it will make a female viewer cry. Paul Rudd is normally good but he is wasted in this film.

Furthermore, Jason Biggs needs to learn how to play a role other than the soppy stupid idiot because for those of us that have seen most of his films it is becoming annoying. There is little action and thankfully the film is not that long. The dialogue between the characters lacks chemistry and is not convincingly. Ultimately, I would definitely not recommend seeing this film as there is no plot, the acting is poor and the film is boring.
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